Friday, January 20, 2017

January Software Updates

Happy New Year! 

We wanted to let you know about some exciting new changes happening at farmbrite. We've done a major update to the crop section of the software and added some reporting functionality to livestock. These changes have rolled out and are ready for you to give them a try. We hope you like them!

Updates to crop tracking:

  • Master Plant List - We've created a central place to list all your plants. Once you enter or set up your crops you can reuse them over seasons and across all your fields. This eliminates the need to reenter this information every year or for every field.
  • Adding Additional Plant Information: We have given you the ability to add additional information about your plants. This will help calculate specifics for ordering, planting, etc. Some of the new things you can now add are plant spacing, seeds per hole, planting dates, time to harvest and harvest dates. Once you enter these they automatically get saved on your master calendar. All of these numbers will help your farm or ranch operation be more efficient.

  • Ordering Seeds Just Got Easier: We've created a seed order estimator for you. Once you've created fields and your field layout plan in farmbrite it will automatically calculate the number of seeds you will need from the seed companies you've selected. We determine this by asking specifics like the number of seeds per hole, plants per linear foot, etc. We're hopeful this will save you some time as you plan your year.

  • Your Crop Layout Got a Face lift: We've made the crop layout area easier to use and changed a few things on the layout of the page.  You will also find the printable planting guide here.

  • Printable Planting Guide: We've added a printable planting guide for your convenience at planting time. Use this as you plant your seeds or seedlings in the field. You can quickly see the what, where and how of that days' planting. Also, there is a note section for any changes that need to be documented. 
  • Copy a Field: Now when you create a new field by pressing the copy button the two fields are linked. You can easily find the original field and any information or notes you stored there. 

Updates to livestock tracking: (Still in testing-to be released in the next few days)
  • Offspring report: You will be able to pull a report of all your livestock and track the amount of offspring they had. This will give you an overview of how your livestock are breeding. 
We hope these changes will help improve your efficiency and make 2017 your best year yet. As always, we love your feedback. If you have any ideas or feedback you'd like to give us please send us an email  HERE.


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