Friday, December 9, 2016

We have been busy making upgrades to our software. Many of these updates are features that our users have requested. Here are some of the new features that you might enjoy.

- Importing Information 

You now have the ability to import data from excel directly into farmbrite. Import past crops, equipment records, livestock and accounting information quickly and easily. We have put step-by-step instructions for the specific format needed to import data by the import buttons on each page (crops, livestock, equipment, and accounting). This change will help keep all your records in one place and help you do that more quickly than entering all that data piece by piece. 

- U.S. Tax Reporting - Schedule F 

Tax reporting will be easier for our U.S. users this year. We have put in more specific options as you enter the accounting data. This information will be categorized more specifically and as you print out a profit and loss statement the information will already be populated into the categories needed for the Schedule F at tax time in the U.S.

- Shopping Cart Shipping Slips

You will find the shipping slips will have more information available. We've given you more access to the information printed on your shipping slips from your shopping cart. Your logo now displays on the shipping slip and you are also able to alter the customer address and other information right from the order page. Just print out the slip once the order is filled and you can send it off to your customer or keep for your records. Just one less thing you have to worry about.

We love making the software easier to use and exactly what you need for your business. Look for more updates in 2017.


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